Sustainability in Energy & Utilities

Sustainability in Energy & Utilities

The great challenge is to succeed sustainably whilst improving energy efficiency, introducing renewable, and working towards sector coupling. An efficient environmental management is also key to meet shareholder financial objectives.

Social stability and economic activities are based on a safe and available energy supply, however utilities must manage its responsibility for climate protection and a cleaner environment, conserving energy, water & reducing GHG emission intensity within operations.  Renewable development and navigating complex regulatory environments are constant challenges.

thinkstep’s strategy services, participation in 50 industry associations and 8,000+ industrial clients, forums, enable industry wide collaborations and  support with its versatile software, data, best practices library, content and services offerings. thinkstep has extensive experience with leading utilities in the US, EU and worldwide.

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Increasing productivity and building credibility with transparent energy and greenhouse gas management

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We help you succeed with:

Corporate Strategy

Sustainability Forums, Facilitating sustainability & business value workshops and development of sustainable strategy. Developing YOUR sustainable strategy, i.e. development / implementation of environmental strategy to green electricity production and distribution
Consultancy in ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 26000 implementation, Developing of KPI’s and management dashboards,  Developing of annual sustainability action plans,
Benchmarking with peers (CSRinsight) & Stakeholder Dialog & engagement tools

Corporate Carbon & Water Footprint

Reduce your organization’s emissions, comply with international standards, and boost energy efficiency with confidence. We offer the most in-depth analysis and action plans.  Calculating your cooperate carbon footprint (CF) and/or Water footprint (WF) use this information for any cost-sustainability trade-off analysis.

CSR & Sustainability Strategy

Develop the strongest CSR vision, strategy, and projects with our strategy consultants, business value consultancy and software solutions. Let thinkstep take you from benchmarking and audits to implementation and optimization.

Product Carbon Footprint

Capture your real Product Carbon Footprint with our ‘cradle to grave’ Life Cycle Assessment to achieve compliance with international standards and create carbon-neutral products. Product Carbon Footprint (PEF), Organization Carbon Footprint (OEF)

Sustainability Reporting

Earn more of the trust and goodwill your organization deserves. Develop the most credible, meaningful reports for all stakeholders with our enterprise scale corporate sustainability & energy management software, supplier engagement, materiality assessments, workshops, dialogue services, and project guidance.
Supply chain analysis including Scope 3. Determination of direct (onsite) and indirect emissions along the supply chain.  Supporting environmental and energy management and reporting solutions (SoFi Software system) and its adoption toward predictive analytics; customized and adapted to your needs; Use your environmental management system to report internally, to GRI, CDP, EMAS, ISO, other internal and external reporting requirements.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Greatly improve supplier relationships and performance. Gain deep understanding of your supply chain risks and opportunities in both fuel and non-fuel components. Let us help you achieve sustainability goals and cost savings.  

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Increasing productivity and building credibility with transparent energy and greenhouse...

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