Sustainability in Air, Rail & Maritime

Sustainability in Air, Rail & Maritime

We Support You on Your Sustainability Journey

The need for transportation of both people and goods is on the rise worldwide. How can we at the same time reduce the environmental impacts of our operation?

The international shipping and aviation industries are under huge pressure to reduce their emissions. Ambitious decarbonization targets, more strict air quality requirements, and increasing stakeholder requests for sustainable transport solutions foster this trend.

We support manufactures, operators and port or aviation authorities in their sustainability journey. Our solutions and consulting services help to assess technology options, quantify and reduce life-cycle emissions, monitor fleets, manage your corporate sustainability performance and critical raw materials along the supply chain. In summary, we help you create transparency on the environmental impacts of your organization as well as of your products.

Life Cycle GHG Emission Study on the Use of LNG as Marine Fuel

The study showed that on an engine technology basis, the absolute Well-to-Wake emissions reduction benefits...

Some of our Air, Rail and Maritime clients
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We Help to Suceed with:

Life Cycle Assessment, GHG Emissions and Air Quality

The LCA approach helps you to quantify the environmental performance of your aircraft, train or vessel’s life cycle.  It enables to identify “hot-spots” and improve it along the value chain. With our unique production and fuel supply LCA models and profound expertise, we can help you better understand the environmental impacts of future developments, such as battery electric, fuel cells and the use of future fuels.

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We support you in designing more sustainable products by quantifying a variety of environmental impacts along the production, use and End-of Life of your product. Based on our +25 years of sector expertise and with our sustainability software tools we help you benchmarking materials, concepts, applications,  and collaborate more efficiently across the different functions within your organization.

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Strategic Advisory Services

What’s your strategy for driving value through sustainability? Let our consulting experts help you develop a vision and roadmap for future success.

We help you align your strategy to the needs of your stakeholders, upcoming regulations, the 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, etc.. We perform Materiality Assessments, and support you with Science Based Targets.

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Corporate Sustainability

Our solutions for corporate sustainability simplify reporting, risk management, audits, strategy and resource optimization across your entire organization. E.g. develop the most credible, meaningful reports for all stakeholders with our enterprise scale corporate sustainability & energy management solution SoFi Software .

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Product and End of Life Compliance, Material Management

Our applications help you manage material data and substance compliance information throughout the product life cycle. We empower you to design innovative products with the material in mind and check your product structure for compliance with various environmental compliance regulations such as RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals, Prop 65, POPs, Biocide, and others.

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LCA Data & Software

Our international recognized LCA software solution GaBi and its global industrial process LCA databases represents the world’s network of industrial processes, including region and country-specific data for materials such as steel, aluminum, carbon composites, fuels, electricity, steam, transport information and commodities consumption, as well as waste management.

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Get an overview of all our consutling services:

Consulting Services

What Our Clients Say

thinkstep conducted a milestone study on the GHG emissions associated with the use of LNG as a marine fuel in the Maritime Transport Sector. Through data collection, detailed methodology, systematic analysis and independent academic review, thinkstep not only provided the industry with the definitive study on LNG as a marine fuel, it has opened the gateway for the Maritime Industry to lower GHG and local emissions.

Steve Esau, General Manager, SEA\LNG | Mark Bell, General Manager, SGMF ,

The speed with which our special requests are handled has produced a smooth integration of the products into our daily work in Design for Environment. We are very happy with the excellent quality to cost ratio of the GaBi tools. In addition to the initial training, the continuous support we receive from thinkstep while working with the software is exceptional. Using GaBi allows our verifiers to easily understand the models and interpret the results.

Aleksandar Kolev , Bombardier Transportation

Benefits to Your Business


  • Benefit from thinkstep’s sector expertise and develop YOUR sustainability strategy
  • Understand future technology trends, such as propulsion systems and fuel options, and consider them for your strategy
  • Learn about environment impacts and costs implications of these options
  • Understand consequences of innovative powertrains and fuels on its refueling infrastructure

Sustainability Performance

  • Understand the environmental performance and total cost of ownership (TCO) of your products by using thinkstep’s product sustainability software solution GaBi.
  • Monitor your vehicle fleet by using established web-based data gathering software solutions 
  • Develop more “green” products by applying Life Cycle Assessment already in the design phase of new products


  • Benefit from thinkstep’s Environmental and Energy Management software solution SoFi to prepare sustainability reports and communicate to stakeholders
  • Take advantages of thinkstep’s integrated material management software solutions and report critical substances in an transparent manner.
  • Be compliant with current and future substance bans, recycling regulations, etc.

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