Sustainability in Public Transport

Sustainability in Public Transport

Manage Emissions More Efficiently

The transformation in public transport is there: increased public interest in environmental issues and increasing mobility demand imply new solutions. We help you with this transition.

To pro-actively design your transition, you firstly have to know where to start: Our consulting, software and data solutions help you manage emissions more efficiently showing where the “hot spots” are. We help evaluate different zero-emission alternatives that fit your specific circumstances while considering the environmental implications as well as the financial and technical feasibility.  We help you generate operation and infrastructure concepts for “greener” public transportation. 

Emission-free public transportation - we support you.

Hydrogen Mobility for Urban Busses

The transformation of diesel fuelled bus fleets into locally emission free power units is considered to be...

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We Help to Succeed with

Fleet Calculator Tool

Vehicle fleets are continuous evolving. Do you intent to introduce new drivetrain technologies into your transport fleet and are you questioning which environmental and economic impact can be expected?

Our fleet calculator tool helps you quantifying the environmental and economic impact and helps making the best decision.

Carbon Footprint and Air Quality Assessment

Climate change and urban air quality are major challenges where public transport is seen as part of the solution. thinkstep uses the LCA approach to calculate the environmental impacts of your vehicles, including vehicle production, vehicle operation and End-of-Life. By taking the fuel supply into consideration not only environmental hot spots can be identified, but rather a shift of burden avoided.

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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

To find the most cost effective solution for your fleet, we calculate the total cost of ownership (TCO) for your specific operations. thinkstep can look back on over +20 years of experience in the implementation of alternative drivetrains for busses on a German, European and global level.

Feasibility Studies

Hydrogen, battery-electric, natural gas. You don’t know which technology suits your operation and are struggling to find an approach on how to implement either of them? We help you analyze your fleets energy consumption and show benefits and limitations of the technologies including concepts for the implementation of the respective charging and refueling infrastructure.

Fleet Monitoring

Our intuitive web-based software solutions allow the monitoring of your fleet operation. Hereby, interfaces to automated data logging systems keep the continuous data gathering process efficient and multiple analytics, customized to your needs, help to track your feet performance.

Corporate Sustainability

Our solutions for corporate sustainability (SoFi) simplify reporting, risk management, audits, strategy and resource optimization across your entire organization. E.g. Develop the most credible, meaningful reports for all stakeholders with our enterprise scale corporate sustainability & energy management software solutions.

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Get an overview of all our consutling services:

Consulting Services

What Our Clients Say

The NewBusFuel project makes a series of useful recommendations to industrial and political players to help to optimise and prepare for large fuelling stations of the future and we look forward to working on these as the sector continues to develop

Ben Madden , Director, Project Coordinator for NewBusFuel, Element Energy

thinkstep’s vast experience in all aspects of implementing zero emission buses has been a great help. The results of the economic, operational and ecological evaluation gave us important insights to effectively further develop our path to an emission-free bus fleet

Sebastian Menges , Assistant to the Management, rnv GmbH

Benefits to Your Business

Technological Transparency

By analysing your specific operation including trip length, duration and operational implications we evaluate which alternative vehicles best suit your operational needs. Together with you, we develop a concept on the implementation of the technology in your company. We give you a transparent overview on what the benefits and constraints of the technologies specifically for your operations are.

Environmental Transparency

By using the LCA approach, we will analyse GHG emissions and local pollutants across all life cycle stages of your vehicle. This guarantees  that you can choose the most environmentally friendly solution. We will make you aware of possible shifts of emissions from the use phase of the vehicle to its production or the production of the energy carrier.

Financial Transparency

Most of the alternative drive train technologies are not yet as established in the market as their conventional predecessors. Therefore we show you the Total Cost of Ownership of the vehicle operation and the public funding opportunities available. Here, we can look back on over +20 years of project experience in the implementation of alternative bus technologies.

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GaBi Life Cycle Engineering Suite

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