Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing

Position Your Offering and Build Strategies

We help manufacturing companies position their offerings positively, build strategies, and develop action plans to meet the increasing demand for sustainable products from OEMs, regulators, and customers.

As manufacturing companies commit to sustainability, quantifying the impact of their products and services on climate, natural resources, and ecosystems requires substantial lifecycle data and analysis. We enable successful manufacturing sustainability with our extensive industry knowledge, automated processes, and expertise in sectors that include manufacturing within their value chains.

Access real-time data that can help you reduce environmental impact as well as costs to support sustainable product portfolio management. Benchmark sustainability performance against your peers and other industries. Greatly simplify reporting and other communications that transparently demonstrate your sustainable approach to material sourcing, suppliers, and operations.

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Innovia Films

Informed choices for sustainable manufacturing - the LCAs provided a valuable benchmark for Innovia Films...

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We Help You Succeed with:

Corporate Performance and Reporting

Access all performance data out of one database to be able to identify anomalies in time (e.g. energy consumption increases). Easily access standardized data on your organisation’s sustainability performance plus reporting tools that make it easy to communicate the results and opportunities to all stakeholders.

Product Information/ Transparency

Manufacturing products means creating negative environmental impact and you hand over this burden to your client that has to carry it further (cradle to gate impacts). Doing better needs proper information and the right level of transparency to equip your product with positive environmental information. We provide the deepest data available at the equipment and product levels to help you produce watertight Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

Circular Economy and Responsible Sourcing

Define sustainability performance standards, manage the impact of material and product supplies and recycling, and ensure continuous improvement of environmental and social initiatives, whilst you manage to close the loop of your products life cycle. We provide you with tools to manage supplier assessments as well as material analyses and can help you to fill them with the right content.

Material Management and LCA

Over 2,500 companies worldwide trust our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) service and automated material management software to reveal the environmental impact of processes from raw material production to disposal.


Use our intuitive, constantly updated LCA tools to integrate sustainability into your everyday product design and business processes.

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