Banking and Finance

Banking & Finance

Reduce Sustainability Risk

We make it easier for forward-thinking financial institutions to reduce sustainability risk in their business activities and services as well as their operations. 

Financial institutions play a crucial role in the global shift to a more sustainable economy now taking place. Improving corporate governance practices and leveraging the business opportunities of sustainable investment are essential priorities.

We provide solid, automated data management and powerful reporting capabilities to satisfy the ever-increasing reporting demands you face from ratings companies and independent organizations. But the value of thinkstep software and services goes beyond management and reporting; we help you integrate sustainability in your core, everyday business and develop long-term sustainability strategies.

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The business case for environmental management and sustainability

Some of our Banking and Finance clients

Aargauische Kantonalbank
Munich RE

We Help You Succeed with:

Corporate Carbon Footprint

Reduce your organization’s emissions, comply with international standards such as the Scope 3 Standard, and boost energy efficiency with confidence. We offer the most in-depth analysis and action plans for going greener.

CSR & Sustainability Strategy

Develop the strongest CSR vision, strategy, and projects with our consultants and software solutions. Let us take you from benchmarking and audits to implementation and optimization.

SoFi Software

Automated data collection and reporting processes make it simple for you to create the most insightful, accurate reports and communicate sustainability performance efficiently to all stakeholders.

Materials Assessment

We take the hassle out of assessing which materials you may need to avoid using in your products. Simply take your existing product data in the form of a Bill of Materials (BoM) from your ERP systems, then use our tools to quickly and easily produce a product carbon footprint for free.

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