Sustainability in Education

Sustainability in Education

Become a Sustainability Advocate of Tomorrow

Research based on sound data is fundamental for understanding sustainability challenges. We want to help the students of today become the sustainability advocates of tomorrow.

Sustainability as a megatrend is here to stay. Yet, truly understanding sustainability requires the methods, data and software to come up with well-backed conclusions.

With thinkstep’s software and data solutions we support educational institutions and research facilities around the globe in their tuition and research work. We want to give those working and researching in the sustainability arena the tools at hand to support their work with reliable and well documented data and powerful software.

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We set a high value on professional Life Cycle Assessment, both in teaching our students and for our research. That’s why we use GaBi Software. On top, GaBi has a major footprint with our project partners and customers in the transport sector.

Nadège Troussier, University of Technology of Troyes

Some of our Education clients

Key Products

GaBi Academy for academic research

Professional LCA software and data for students, PhD candidates and academic researchers for publicly funded LCA research.

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Free GaBi Education for students and professors

Use industry-level GaBi LCA software and data in your curriculum! GaBi Education is free for students and professors for classroom instruction.

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LCA & GaBi in the Curriculum

Leverage 20 years of experience in the field of LCA, LCA software & training, and LCI data. Download suggestions on incorporating GaBi and LCA into your curriculum.

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