LCA in the Automotive Supply Chain

LCA in the Automotive Supply Chain

Providing Valid LCA Data in the Automotive Sector

Because more and more OEMs in the automotive sector set carbon neutrality targets or CO2 reductions, automotive suppliers face the challenge of evaluating their environmental performance and providing valid carbon data to their customers.

thinkstep offers the full breadth of environmental services, software and data for all aspects of product sustainability and carbon neutrality in the supply chain. Having made the first Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for a car in the early 90's, thinkstep has nearly 30 years experience in the automotive sector.

We support automotive OEMs and their suppliers to obtain valid carbon emissions data and improve the sustainability of their products, be it a complete vehicle or a single component.

In addition, we provide analysis and consulting services to suppliers and OEMs that wish to increase their knowledge of the environmental impacts of their products. Our solutions are tailored for each client and involve a comprehensive needs assessment.

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How We Support You

Consulting and Expertise

Based on your level of knowledge and experience, we can help you understand the environmental impacts of your products and processes.


Development, Support and implementation of strategies regarding CO2 neutrality and product sustainability.

Eco Design

Strategies and implementation of design for environment in your R&D processes.

LCA Automation

Generation of automized LCA for broader product portfolios or products with high levels of complexity.

Workshops and Trainings

Get all tools and gain the skills you need to calculate LCA on your own.

LCA Studies & Carbon Assessment

LCA studies made by our experts, from beginning to end. Evaluating and optimizing carbon footprints, including carbon offsetting.

LCA Software

Model your product's life cycle with comprehensive LCA software for experts or with an easy-to-use LCA configuration tool.

Data Collection

Data consolidation, installation and support throughout the data collection process.

Our Automotive Supply Chain LCA Services Help You to:

Meet customers' expectations

Satisfy the requirements of your customers, who ask for LCA data or carbon footprint assessment of your products.

Stay competitive

Stay competitive or even increase your competitiveness in regard to competitors who will not be able to provide LCA data to their customers.

Improve your image

Benefit of fact based LCA data and communicate your sustainability efforts to stakeholders.

Care about the environment

Contribute to a more sustainable planet by manufacturing more sustainable products!

Reduce risk

Identify potential risks in the supply chain early and manage those risks on an ongoing basis. 

Identify business opportunities

Spot opportunities for collaboration and innovation by working closely with suppliers to reduce procurement costs and increase revenue.

Increase efficiency

Save time in management processes, and through increased consistency, accuracy and efficiency of data collection.


Monitor, assess and communicate with suppliers. Improve your indirect sustainability impact.

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