Scope 3 LCI Data

Scope 3 LCA Data

Calculate Your Scope 3 Emissions with the Best Data

Reducing emissions within all GHG Protocol scopes, including Scope 3, is the most comprehensive approach to optimize your carbon footprint. It requires a solid and fact-based foundation of environmental data. 12,500 LCI datasets provide you the most comprehensive and consistent LCA data on the market. More than 20 GaBi LCA Databases cover all relevant sectors (i.e., energy, metals, agriculture, etc.). In addition, thinkstep's unique GaBi Data-On-Demand-Service fulfills very specific needs for individual LCI datasets and can even support the creation of data on-site.

Calculate your Scope 3 emissions based on GaBi LCA Data to launch a reduction in your emissions and optimize your carbon footprint.

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