Scientific Publications

Journal of Industrial Ecology

Christoph Koffler, Principal Consultant, contributed to the capter "Comment on “Toward Estimating Displaced Primary Production from Recycling: A Case Study of U.S. Aluminum”" in Journal of Industrial Ecology.

The Intern. Journal of LCA

Christoph Koffler, Principal Consultant, contributed to the capter "LCA capability roadmap—product system model description and revision" in The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment.

C&A Foundation

Two new reports examine the socio-economic and environmental footprint of three cotton cultivation systems.

The Intern. Journal of LCA

"On the relevance of scope 3 emissions and power trade for regional lifecycle inventories of electricity consumption in the USA."


Ulrike Bos, Senior Consultant, contributed to the chapter "Modelling and Tools Supporting the Transition to a Bioeconomy" (p. 289-316) in the book Bioeconomy. 

The Intern. Journal of LCA

Christoph Koffler, Principal Consultant, contributed to the capter "Are we still keeping it “real”? Proposing a revised paradigm for recycling credits in attributional life cycle assessment" in The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment.

Media Publications


Fünf Nachhaltigkeitseinblicke in die Debatte um Elektrofahrzeuge


The magazine GreenBUILDING referred to our in-depth study "Bridging the Climate Gap".

Sustainable Packaging

Retailers Otto Group and Tchibo are working with Germany’s national postal service and courier company DHL to take reusable packaging mainstream. If they’re successful, it could change online shopping as we know it. 


Al Naboodah Ready-mix Concrete (ARCON), recently implemented Dubai’s first fully integrated Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) software. ARCON is using German sustainability software, Gabi EPD and consulting company, Thinkstep to provide EPD analysis for their ready-mix concrete. Read more on page 36.

Radio NZ

Construction industry called on to reduce carbon emissions

Sustainable building advocates want the construction industry to be given a clear signal to reduce its carbon emissions.

Bau Mag

thinkstep and the DGNB are jointly providing a unique offer at the BAU. All visitors of the trade fair can receive free compensation for their CO2 travel emissions to and from the trade fair. (Text in German)

C & A Foundation

Two new reports from American Institutes for Research (AIR) and Thinkstep International examine the socio-economic and environmental footprint of three cotton cultivation systems – Organic, Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and Conventional – in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

10 tips to reduce emissions

For some businesses, especially small businesses, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to reducing your emissions. That's why members of the Climate Leaders Coalition have pulled together 10 top tips of practical things businesses can be doing right now to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Packaging Europe

Eastman has collaborated with cosmetics house Groupe Rocher on the design of a new “ecodesign compact” concept made entirely of Eastman materials. 

Scoop Independent News

Reducing the carbon footprint from transport in New Zealand by up to 90% by 2050 is achievable with a combination of new vehicle technologies, behavioural change and substantial investment in renewable energy generation

The Fifth Estate

New Zealand needs to decarbonise transport to get on track with climate goals.

Building sustainable companies

Business View Magazine interviews Nuno da Silva, Director of Product Sustainability for thinkstep’s American division – best practices in sustainability. 

Pure Advantage

"Environmental efforts that look to make things less bad will ultimately fail, because less bad is not good enough." The Cradle to Cradle® approach is inspired by nature – shifting the mindset towards doing the right things, rather than doing the wrong things perfectly.

NGV Global News

Europe’s energy and transport industry is calling for implementation of a Carbon Correction Factor (CCF) to be included in the European Parliament vote on CO2 emission standards for new passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.


The European partner consortium of Shell, ITM Power, SINTEF, thinkstep and Element Energy has now secured €10m in funding from the European ‘Fuel Cell Hydrogen Joint Undertaking’. The project’s total investment, including integration into the refinery, is approximately €20m. 

PR Newswire

See how thinkstep has supported Groupe Rocher and Eastman in developing a new polymer platform and investing in the manufacturing of a proof-of-concept packaging.

Cradle to Cradle® partnership

EPEA and thinkstep Australasia have announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the uptake of regenerative design through Cradle to Cradle® principles in Australasia. The EPEA is the cradle of Cradle to Cradle®, a design and innovation concept based on the safe and potentially infinite use of materials in nutrient cycles.


The use of long trucks (Gigaliners) on German roads can be positive for climate protection, although the overall impact would be low. The research commissioned by the state government of Baden-Württemberg and the truck manufacturer Daimler, was done by Prognos AG and thinkstep AG. Read more or download study (German)

The Fifth Estate

Following are some of the trends surrounding EPDs and the opportunities on offer discussed during a webinar with expert Jane Anderson, principal consultant with thinkstep in the UK, Stephen Mitchell, chair of the Australasian EPD Programme and Barbara Nebel, managing director of thinkstep in Australasia. 

Lidl’s new green initiative

Lidl Lithuania has partnered with the consortium of thinkstep-SGS to certify its portfolio of buildings. With global representation, thinkstep-SGS offers world-class auditing and certification services combined with rich expertise and experience in the development and operation of green building standards and the quantification of sustainable construction. 


EPD: The Acronym You Can’t Afford to Ignore … Literally. 


Everyone talks about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but does anyone know what they actually mean or how they work?  thinkstep’s Sustainability Economist Florian Nebel writes in GreenBiz about six things to consider when working with the SDGs.


Harvard Business Review

Ingersoll Rand's CEO talks in a recent Harvard Business Review article about how they connected Strategy to SDGs and how they developed in partnership with thinkstep a series of web-based calculators to track product GHG emissions.


Read the interview of Manfred Russ, Senior Consultant Food, Agriculture & Renewable Materials, about the sustainability potential of wind energy on page 16. (German)

The Australian Financial Review

Barbara Nebel, thinkstep Australasia managing director, talks about the environmental benefits of timber used as a construction material. 

2018 European Business Summit

Jan Poulsen, CEO thinkstep AG took part in the panel discussion about "Sourcing the data and analytics that will drive business change" at the Responsible Business Summit in London. 

Media Planet

„Wir alle müssen unser Verhalten grundsätzlich überdenken." Interview with Jan Poulsen, CEO thinkstep. (German)

Life Cycle Analysis from Thinkstep

Design students create sustainable storage solutions in red oak. (Spanish, English)

The Green List

How to boost environmental credentials and market reputation.

Int. Journal of Hydrogen Energy


Power your knowledge with hydrogen electricity storage insights from Michael Faltenbacher, Principal Consultant, immediately available for purchase. 

Radio NZ

NZ buildings create more emissions than previously thought- report. 
Read the article or listen to it on  Radio NZ. 

NZ Herald

Buildings could be belching out 20 per cent of New Zealand's carbon pollution - and much more needs to be done to make them greener. 

The Fifth Estate

At last, after years of interpretations and variations, the built environment looks like having an international standard on embodied carbon that create a level playing field for products and services. 


New Zealand needs to do more to tackle amount of pollution produced by buildings according to new report. 

Eco Mining Concepts

„Mehr Kreislauf bedeutet nicht notwendigerweise auch eine bessere Umweltbilanz“, Interview with Johannes Gediga, VP Mining, Metals and Manufacturing Goods & SoFi Sales. (German)

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