Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

Save Costs and Reduce Risks

Using compliance information and environmental data during the concept and design stage in a product’s lifecycle enables you to provide innovative products that adhere to legal requirements while serving the increasing demand for sustainable products.

Integrated Solutions

With the right product lifecycle system in place, with embedded material compliance and environmental management solutions, thinkstep can help you avoid such time loss and costs, enabling you to make the right decisions from the beginning.

The comprehensive material library MatShpere, in combination with the thinkstep CAD Integrations, enables the designer to evaluate the sustainability and compliance of their designs and supply chain parts throughout the design process. It helps you balance demands coming from engineering, compliance and sustainability requirements.


Risk Management

Adapting your product design or material choices for greater sustainability during the later stages of your value chain are likely to increase your costs and the time it takes to go to market. Integrating sustainability related characteristics and material compliance in the early design stages of product design reduces such risks and increases efficiency.

Yet product designers often lack the resources to quickly evaluate the sustainability and compliance of materials and supply chain parts used in their products. They must carefully balance the demand for more sustainable products and the necessity to comply with the technical and financial requirements of design and production.

Product Lifecycle Management Support - On Your Needs

Integrated Product Sustainability Solution

Our software solutions in the area of product sustainability support you in the effective integration and automation of life cycle assessment into your product lifecycle management processes.

GaBi Dfx Software

Product Compliance Software

Our material and compliance software applications help you manage material data and substance compliance information throughout the product lifecycle. 

Compliance Software

Consulting Services

We support you individually to design sustainable and compliant products and bring them to market faster with our product stewardship expert teams.


Compliance Service

About the Importance of Product Lifecycle Management

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