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Case Study

31st Jan 2019

130 EPDs in One Week- When Quality and Speed go Together

See how thinkstep helped Santex improving the speed and quality of creating EPDs.

Case Study

10th Jan 2019

Are Circular Economy Solutions Environmentally Sound Solutions?

Life cycle assessments of smartphones show a poor correlation between circularity and other impacts.

Case Study

10th Dec 2018

Feasibility Study about Alternative Power Units of Bus Fleets (German)

thinkstep and rnv used their potential to reduce emissions of public transport. This study is in...

Case Study

30th Nov 2018

Caterpillar - Teamcenter Substance Compliance

"Siemens PLM Teamcenter supports our goals of product stewardship and drives sustainability...

Case Study

12th Nov 2018

Zircon Industry Association ®

How LCA information can support competitive advantage and improved reputation - LCA as a strategic...

Case Study

8th Nov 2018

An Environmental Product Declaration for the Italian Ceramics Industry

Confindustria Ceramica had to overcome a number of challenges when it came to their Product...

Case Study

2nd Nov 2018

Defining Product Sustainability Hotspots through Business Opportunities

Whirlpool had to overcome a number of product sustainability challenges. One of them was to...

Case Study

31st Oct 2018

Business Benefits from Automated BOMcheck Teamcenter Integration

WAGO effciently addresses their environmental compliance needs while improving their business...

Case Study

11th Oct 2018

Cutting the Cheese: Sustainability Monitoring and Reporting Made Easy

See how SoFi Software from thinkstep has helped Bega Cheese, an Australian dairy food manufacturer...

Case Study

14th Sep 2018

Introducing the New Easy-To-Use (Bio)plastic LCA Tool

thinkstep, with support of the Institute for Bioplastics and Biocomposites (IfBB, Hannover), has...

BASF Case Study

9th Aug 2018

BASF Agricultural Products

Effective Engagement of Stakeholders into Sustainability

Case Study

11th May 2018

Materials Management and Compliance for A&D

"Using Teamcenter for our product sustainability framework, we can reduce the presence of hazardous...