We provide sustainability software and consulting services for every role in your organization.

thinkstep for you

Our role is to help you excel in yours.

We foster sustainability excellence for:

Corporate Sustainability Professionals

We help you prove the business case for sustainability in even the most complex organisation simply, clearly and confidently.

LCA Practitioners

Capture the global view and the specifics of sustainability in your organisation with the best data and software tools available.

Product Designers and Managers

Our user-friendly platform helps you design sustainability into every product for a strong competitive advantage.

Energy Managers

We put the power to cut usage, costs, and complexity in your hands with with thinkstep’s next-generation software.

EHS Managers

Only thinkstep provides software tools specifically developed for EHS work, making complex tasks simpler without sacrificing accuracy.

Compliance and Risk Professionals

Track every link in the supply chain with the deepest data and the most powerful tools for revealing sustainability risks and opportunities.


Be fully prepared to inspire a new generation of sustainability and develop more breakthrough insights in your field.


Simplify and strengthen your research with the most current industry-leading sustainability knowledge. We make it accessible and affordable.