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Our resources give you the power to make sustainability a consistent component of design for a strong competitive advantage.

Product Designers

Simply design sustainability into every product.

Understanding the end-to-end environmental impact of materials, processes, and suppliers is critical to building a sustainability advantage into every product—and thinkstep offers the latest, deepest sustainability knowledge available.

With access to our Innovation Hub, Material Compliance Hub, and Design Hub, you can see the hotspots and opportunities to improve sustainability throughout the supply chain. Our products are easy to use and understand, with simple integrated dashboards and apps for research, reporting, and creating sustainability models. Plus you can always consult our experts for recommendations and hands-on help.

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thinkstep has allowed our product developers to see the environmental impacts of a proposed modification in less than 15 minutes. It has been the perfect tool for moving LCA into the product development community.

David V. Spitzley, Kimberley Clark

Top apps for Product Designers

Product Carbon Footprinter

Fast and easy calculation of your products’ carbon footprint with an intuitive web interface. Import the Bill of Materials for your product and easily map to product  sustainability data.

Product LCA Calculator

Go beyond carbon, and explore your products’ footprint in all environmental impact categories. We’ll map your Bill of Materials against thinkstep sustainability data and give you a full report including recommendations to reduce environmental impact.

Data Hub

Secure data exchange platform for sustainability and compliance. Share data with colleagues, suppliers, customers and partners. Easily manage requests, track responses and provide direct feedback to your contacts.

EPD Reporter EN 15804

EPD report generator to the European norm EN 15804. Map your Bill of Materials to sustainability data and create a full EPD automatically based on the most recent industry data.

Why design professionals work with thinkstep

Make better decisions

Draw on the deepest datasets available to understand the end-to-end impact of materials and processes. Access the most up-to-date research anytime, quickly and easily.

Clear reporting

Use our simple, integrated tools to generate reports on the impact of using various materials, easily create sustainability projections for designs, and clearly communicate results to all stakeholders.

A range of apps

Access the most powerful, elegant tools for your specific requirements: Take advantage of apps designed to help you integrate your sustainability approach into every part of the business.

Innovation partnership

Call on our experts anytime to collaborate on ideas and strategies to help you create the most sustainable products that will help you address new trends and markets.

No compromises

Get all the timely information you need to ensure the most sustainable choices throughout the design process without ever sacrificing product quality.

No jargon

Rest assured that we speak your language.  We eliminate unnecessary tech talk so you can get the clear, simple solutions and information you need without any extra effort.

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