Scope 3 - Value Chain Carbon Accounting

Scope 3 - Value Chain Carbon Accounting

Manage Your Scope 3 Emissions

We offer software, consulting and data that support you in managing your Scope 3 emissions.

Scope 3 emissions make up the largest share (about 80%) of most companies’ emissions. Some of the 15 scope 3 categories (e.g., business travel and employee commuting) are easier to quantify than others (e.g., use of sold products, purchased goods and services), and not all 15 categories are relevant for every company.  

Companies can calculate or estimate their scope 3 impacts with thinkstep’s sector experts and proprietary sustainability databases.

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Scope 3 Reporting - Tackling the Challenge

Watch the webinar recording "Scale the Mountain of Scope 3 Reporting - Tackling the Challenge".

How We Can Support You

Screening - Establishing Scope 3 Categories Relevant to your Company

When completing a carbon footprint, the first step is to screen for relevant scope 3 categories. For example, in the construction industry most of scope 3 impacts lie in category 11: Use of Sold Products. We guide you in identifying categories relevant to your business so you can focus your data collection efforts accordingly.

Assessment/ Calculation - Uniquely Combining Data and Know-How

Calculate your scope 3 footprint using reliable and credible data from relevant scope 3 categories and data from the GaBi Software, the largest global industrial process database. We calculate impacts, such as for your purchased goods and services (scope 3, category 1) based on the volume you purchase.

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Beyond Scope 3

With a complete carbon footprint, including scopes 1,2 and 3, you are well positioned to develop your greenhouse gas reduction targets and have the Science Based Targets initiative verify them. We help you calculate a science-based target using SBTi methodologies and define what you need to do to reach your carbon reduction goals.

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