sustainability consulting

Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability consulting expertise that helps you to build business value from sustainability.

Sustainability Consulting Services

Draw on the consulting knowledge of 200 sustainability experts who have worked with leading businesses across the world and in every major sector.

​Our experienced sustainability consultants, combined with the full breadth of our capabilities, assist you in preparing for and managing sustainability risks and turning them into business opportunities.

thinkstep is one of the most experienced sustainability consulting firms worldwide. With over 20 years of consulting experience and offices on every continent, 40 % of the global Fortune 500 companies now rely on thinksteps consulting service to improve their sustainability performance.

There is value in sustainability; our consultants will show you how to extract it.

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thinkstep is our go-to sustainability consultant for everything product stewardship related.

Al Iannuzzi Sr., Johnson & Johnson

Our Sustainability Consulting Services

thinkstep offers sustainability strategy consulting services.

Strategic Planning

Set out your approach to sustainability with our range of strategy consulting services. Formulate a business sustainable strategy that works for your business.

thinkstep offers sustainability performance improvement and implementation consulting services.

Performance Improvement and Implementation

Sustainability consulting services designed to assess your current situation and identify opportunities to move up to the next level.

thinkstep offers sustainability reporting consulting services.


Helping you collect the data and compile the reports that will quantify the impact that your sustainability program is making. You’re bringing new value to the business; our sustainability consultants help you prove it.

Sustainability Consulting Services turns complexity into transparency.

Successful businesses have realized that driving economic performance and driving sustainability go along.

We believe that a corporate sustainability strategy creates surplus and also a change of perspective: “Circular” instead of take-make-waste is the future leader’s business model.

With 20 years of sustainability consulting experience we know that environmental, social, and compliance matters are complex but controllable. What you are looking for is an overview. thinkstep sustainability consulting services enhance data quality, save processing time and improve reporting and decision-making.

Over 2,500 enterprise customers – including 40% of the Fortune 500 – have used thinkstep sustainability consulting in over 3000 projects over the years to support their compliance, reporting and sustainability goals.

Many of our consulting clients start their sustainability journey from the ground up. Wherever you stand, our sustainability consulting services will accompany you to the next “thinkstep” in sustainability. They will appear to you, due to reliable data and the knowledge you will gain from it.

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