What is Circular Economy? Circular economy aims to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value, at all times, and to decouple economic growth from consumption.

Circular Economy Consulting

Identify, Measure and Monitor Circular Economy

thinkstep offers a wide range of solutions to identify, measure and monitor sustainability performance in the context of Circular Economy. Let us help you pave the way toward contributing to a circular economy.

The Circular Economy (CE) has gained tremendous traction in the last decade from businesses, academics, NGOs and governments in the last decade. The European Union and China have included CE into their environmental policies and the US Chamber of Commerce has publicly endorsed the concept. 

Is your organization part of the Circular Economy?

Here are some helpful questions with regards to Circular Economy and your organization:

  • Do you know what circularity means for your business, products and services?
  • How strong is your business case for your circularity initiatives?
  • Have you assessed the environmental performance of your circularity approach?
  • Is the circularity you are / will be applying better and more sustainable or could it be circular for circularity’s sake?
  • Are you familiar with the Material Circularity Indicator (MCI) and its benefits?
  • Do you also consider social impacts of your circularity initiative?
Circular Economy Policies - Tackling Your Strategy

Tackle your future challenges and identify opportunities by working through Circular Economy issues.

Finding Your Business Case in Circular Economy

Together with Eveline Lemke, founder of Thinking Circular and former Green Minister of Economic Affairs in Rhineland-Palatinate, we offer workshops to guide you towards circular economy opportunities.

Eveline Lemke, Sustainability and Circular Economy Expert, Thinking Circular
Hannes Partl, Principal Consultant, thinkstep AG

Details upon request

Details upon request

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Measuring Your Performance in Circular Economy

Life Cycle Assessment and Circular Economy

GaBi Software is a modelling tool that supports the evaluation of alternative Circular scenarios and helps identify improvements (hotspots) required for an environmentally sound Circular Economy solution. 

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GaBi Circularity Toolkit

Quantify, benchmark and communicate the circularity of your products with the GaBi Circularity Toolkit. The toolkit allows you to implement the Material Circularity Indicator (MCI) within conventional GaBi LCA models.

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Cradle to Cradle® and Life Cycle Assessment

By combining Life Cycle Assessment and Cradle to Cradle®, we support companies to improve their existing products while generating ideas for new product innovation that combines true circularity with resource efficiency.

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Corporate Reporting and Circular Economy

SoFi Software is a corporate and supply chain sustainability reporting tool that supports the data management and presentation for innovative Circular Economy initiatives.

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Make Your Business Circular

Driving your sustainability goals through Circular Economy

Life Cycle Thinking & ISO 14001

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