Environmental Footprinting (Scope 3) Consulting Service

Environmental Footprinting Consulting

Whether it’s carbon, water or land, we can help you calculate the size of your company’s footprint (scope 3) and report it where required.

Our experts can provide you with a corporate carbon, water, or land-use footprint calculation (scope 3), as well as guidance in reporting - aligned with relevant standards. Our proven process follows these key stages:

  • Check relevance of company activities in terms of carbon/water/land use performance
  • Collect data efficiently through our SoFi Software and calculate footprint, while identifying hotspots and developing appropriate KPIs
  • ​Recommend effective measures to increase efficiency and reduce cost

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Our Environmental Footprinting Service Provides You with:

Better view of your company’s performance

Our consulting experts give you a clear picture of your baseline performance, and where your more significant impacts occur in the value chain.

Competitive advantage

Gain an advantage over competitors by prioritizing measures and demonstrating improvements based on measures implemented.

Increased efficiency

A more effective method for performance management, improved consistency, accuracy and efficiency in data management, and enhanced abilities to consolidate efforts on Environmental Footprint reporting if using our award-winning SoFi Enterprise solution.