Supply Chain Management

Your supply chain says a lot about you – and is a key part of your sustainability strategy.

Supply Chain Management Consulting Service

We enable you to develop a strategy for assessing and managing the environmental and social impacts in your supply chain by:

  • Identifying potential hotspots in your supply chain
  • Developing a supply chain strategy that helps you to manage your risks and support your business strategy
  • Creating an assessment scheme or approach for your suppliers, including tools, guidelines and scorecards  
  • Determining an approach for monitoring, assessing and communicating with suppliers.

thinkstep also provides you with a technical solution to help you manage your supply chain management strategy through our SoFi for Sustainable Supply Chain solution - a secure enterprise platform for the sustainability assessment, ranking and reporting of suppliers.

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Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management service helps you to:

Reduce risk

Identify potential risks in the supply chain early and manage those risks on an ongoing basis. 

Identify business opportunities

Spot opportunities for collaboration and innovation by working closely with suppliers. By supporting them, you can reduce procurement costs and increase revenue through better collaboration.

Increase efficiency

Save time in management processes, and through increased consistency, accuracy and efficiency of data collection.

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