GRI Reporting

GRI Reporting

Reports in Line With GRI Standards Guidelines

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced reporter, our in-house experts can support you in delivering the report your organization deserves. thinkstep experts have completed the necessary GRI trainings and have demonstrated their knowledge in using GRI Standards for sustainability reporting. We believe that a sustainability report is a powerful tool to communicate with all your external stakeholders and that it can always be improved further.

Our experts can guide you through the whole process of preparing sustainability and CSR reports based on the GRI Standards guidelines. We will introduce GRI Standards requirements to your organization. This includes an overview of reporting options, required disclosures, and other key principles. 

Our Materiality Assessment helps you identify which aspects are most important in reflecting your organization’s economic, environmental and social impacts.

By using our GRI-certified software solution SoFi we can then develop content by collecting, aggregating and analysing sustainability performance data and interviewing key stakeholders. We can also support you when drafting the report, and your communications department in maximizing the exposure and benefits of your reporting activities.

Use the advantages of our leading software solution for CSR Reporting and Management, SoFi, and the many years of experience of our GRI-certified consultants.

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How We Can Support You

Introduction to GRI Standards

Key understanding of GRI Standards is an important starting point. We will review your existing report if you have already made one or introduce you to the reporting options and other key principles.

Stakeholder Involvement and Materiality

Involvement of your key stakeholders and choosing material aspects to report on is essential when reporting with GRI standards. We will support you in conducting interviews and find out what you need to report on from a variety of KPIs available. (Please see Materiality Assessment Consulting)

Data Collection

Without quality data reporting is not possible. We help you develop the content by collecting, aggregating and analysing sustainability performance data via our GRI certified software SoFi.

Creating the Report

A sustainability report is a powerful communication tool. Our experts can help you create a draft or improve the readability of the existing report, making your organization more transparent and accurate in your sustainability journey.

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