GRI Reporting

GRI Reporting

We help you to create reports in line with GRI G4 guidelines.

Our consulting experts give you an efficient and proven way of preparing sustainability and CSR reports based on the GRI G4 guidelines.

We will introduce GRI G4 requirements to your organization, including an overview of reporting options, required disclosures, and other key principles. Our Materiality Assessment then helps you identify which aspects are most important in reflecting your organization’s economic, environmental and social impacts.

We can then develop content by collecting, aggregating and analysing sustainability performance data (via our award-winning SoFi product suite), interviewing key stakeholders, and drafting the report for you. We also support your communications department in maximizing the exposure and benefits of your reporting activity.

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What our GRI Reporting service will do for you

Enhance brand value

Improve your reputation by providing reports that comply with GRI G4 guidelines.

Reduce your costs

Make the process of compiling GRI-compliant reports more efficient with our SoFi GRI software.