The Business Value of Sustainability™ -  How much is sustainability really worth?

Business Value of Sustainability™

There’s a lot of talk about the value of sustainability. This consulting service is concerned with putting a real number against it.

Do you need to quantify the contribution of your sustainability practices to your business? This is why we developed our Business Value of Sustainability System™ – a process where we take the best available information in order to develop a deeper understanding of where sustainability adds value, and how to identify the sources of that value. In this workshop, our experts then develop estimates of the scale of those contributions and highlight the key factors for future success.

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The takeaway from this workshop is a detailed assessment of the value of your activities – a report populated with your own company’s specific data that can be used to communicate your success, improve strategic decision-making, and lay the platform for future activities.

What the Business Value of Sustainability™ Workshop Will Do for You

Give proof of success

The workshop will translate the effect of sustainability activities into business value – communicated in traditional business language.

Improve decision making

Armed with knowledge from the workshop, you will be able to more effectively allocate resources, leverage existing business tools and plan future activities.

Drive engagement

The workshop – and the report that comes from it – are invaluable in driving greater engagement and understanding throughout the organization, encouraging stakeholders at all levels to support your company’s sustainability program.