Portfolio Sustainability Assessment

Portfolio Sustainability Assessment

Steer Your Portfolio Toward Greater Sustainability

Steer your portfolio toward greater sustainability and growth with Portfolio Sustainability Assessment.

Consumers and governments are taking a strong interest in the sustainability of individual products. Global agreements, such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, underpin the need for companies to provide greater transparency on the sustainability of their products.

To seize opportunities and minimize risks, companies are using Portfolio Sustainability Assessment (PSA) and Sustainable Solution Steering® (thinkstep's and BASF's unique PSA method) to systematically assess and proactively steer their overall product portfolio toward improved sustainability performance. To gain transparency and focus, Sustainable Solution Steering® and Portfolio Sustainability Assessment classify the portfolio using relevant sustainability criteria, such as:

  • Legislative requirements: Legislative requirements can be driven by sustainability issues, such as recycling, air quality or energy efficiency.
  • Value chain requirements: Value chain requirements can include standards from key customers or relevant certification and labelling schemes.
  • Socio-economic and environmental impacts: Socio-economic and environmental impacts can occur across the life-cycle of products.

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thinkstep and BASF on Portfolio Steering

Steering your portfolio toward more sustainability and growth

How We Can Support You

For a tailor-made and incremental development and implementation of your portfolio, thinkstep offers a means to:


We analyze your sustainability needs along your company’s complete value chain and define relevant sustainability criteria.


We evaluate and categorize the sustainability performance of your product applications in their respective markets.


We create precise strategies and action plans for product development and marketing.

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