Science-Based Targets (SBT)

Science Based Targets (SBT) Consulting

Set an Example by Committing to SBT

Science Based Targets (SBT) is a call for organisations to take the lead in steering society  toward a brighter future. Underpinned by global commitments to limiting global temperature increases to well below 2 °C, the Science Based Targets initiative compels businesses everywhere to not only do more, but to do enough. 

Our commitments to the Paris Agreement are ambitious yet urgent and require going beyond good intentions with actions that are cohesive and purposeful. Science-Based Targets promote a united and consistent approach with each organisation contributing through their own, individually prescribed, decarbonisation goals.

We support you in setting the goals, in calculating and planning and in communication.

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Many businesses set carbon reduction targets. Some are completely in line with the Paris Agreement. Others aren’t. By setting a science-based target you can know your target is in line with limiting warming to well below 2 degrees.

David Tong, Climate Change Programme Manager, WWF New Zealand

How We Can Support You in Regards to Science Based Targets

SBT readiness assessment

Want to find out more about science based targets or what they mean in the context of your organization? We’ll review your existing carbon reporting, provide guidance and facilitate internal workshops to demonstrate why the targets are not only good for people and planet, but also for your bottom line.

Define & Commit

Get the assistance you need in selecting the appropriate SBT methodology for your situation and let us guide you throughout the target-setting process. We’ll help coordinate a cooperative and comprehensive approach within your organization.

Calculate & Calibrate

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Determine your baseline prior to target setting and track progress with our GHG reporting experts. Assess the impact of specific actions with scenario analysis. Ensure you’ve got all the information you need, including Scope 3 emissions reporting, with SoFi, our sustainability reporting and management software. More about SoFi Software.

Report & Communicate

Make your determined SBT commitment a platform for your sustainability story with support on how, where and what to report with respect to your target and your progress. Set meaningful interim targets to guide your improvements and frame your sustainability journey for your audience.


Achieving your science-based target requires an agile sustainability roadmap that changes when change is required. Plan a strategy aligned with your business goals and relevant to your stakeholders by developing a sustainability roadmap and a materiality assessment.

The Scope 3 challenge

You are required to set an ambitious and measurable Scope 3 target if Scope 3 emissions include a significant portion of your company’s overall emissions. Many companies see their science-based targets rejected because they lack correct Scope 3 assessment. Evaluate your value chain impacts and determine the appropriate target with our industry-leading life cycle inventories and consulting expertise.

What Are Science Based Targets?

Science-Based Targets are set by companies to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions at the rate required to limit global warming to below 2 °C, in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

The Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) is a collaboration between a number of NGOs to champion the use of science-based targets, define and promote best practice, and independently assess and approve targets.

Part of the collaboration are: CDP, World Resources Institute (WRI), the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). It is one of the We Mean Business Coalition commitments.

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