Integrate utility data automatically into SoFi

Integrate Utility Data Automatically into SoFi

Getting your utility bill and consumption data into the system automatically

SoFi is set up to support you in getting your utility bill and consumption data—for example from smart meters—into the system automatically. In order to be able to immediately use the data coming in from smart meters or bills, we designed the new SoFi prorating feature. Utility companies do not normally provide invoices that include consumption from the first to the last of the month. SoFi’s prorating feature allows you to report on utility data in appropriate reporting cycles, independent of the billing cycle.

For meter data, SoFi can prorate and transform meter readings into consumption values, SoFi automatically transforms data from meters into a usable format. The only thing needed for the transformation is the information obtained from each meter: the meter status, roll-over meter value and a preferred unit of entry. To find out more about the prorating feature please click here.

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To fully utilize the potential of your consumption data, especially if it is available in shorter intervals, for example if it comes in from smart meters, our high frequency module (available with SoFi 7) will offer the possibility to analyze data in 60-minute, 30-minute and 15-minute intervals.

If you're interested in this option and want to learn about data integration in SoFi, please fill out the form on the right.

If your consumption data is not accessible in a format suitable for automatic importing, you have the option to work with our partner Urjanet, to automatically transfer consumption and cost data from online utility bills into SoFi. To learn more about this option, please click here to watch our joint webinar with Urjanet.

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