SoFi Prorating Feature

SoFi Prorating Feature

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What’s the idea behind the Prorating Feature?

Sourcing data is key to driving sustainable success, but sometimes data does not fit into a precise time period. For example, utility invoices are often not provided from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month. The new Prorating Feature as an advanced data collection tool that will help you overcome such boundaries by allowing the input of bill or meter data with time frames that are not precise calendar months. As a result, SoFi is able to create cyclical reports for non-cyclical data.

A closer look at the Prorating Feature:

Prorating bill data

Overcome the boundaries of the given collection cycles: Bill-related data can be collected in a special bill prorating questionnaire, then SoFi will analyze the bills for a start and end date and split the consumption data into daily average values. Not only consumption values, but cost and other data can be collected using custom fields.

Prorating meter data

Collect irregular meter readings from within your organization: Using the meter prorating questionnaire, it is possible to collect these readings from your utilities. SoFi will analyze the readings, calculate the corresponding consumption and split it into daily average value intervals.

Reporting on high frequency intra-daily meter data

Gain insights into your intra-daily consumption profiles: Having collected high-frequency meter readings and derived corresponding consumption data, the High Frequency Meter report enables you to identify times of low demand as well as peaks. Additionally, a comparison to previous years' data is possible.

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