Cradle to Cradle Screener

Cradle to Cradle Screener

Assess Material Health and Reutilization Potential

In December 2015, the European Commission adopted a Circular Economy Package, indicating that 'the transition to a more circular economy [...] is an essential contribution to the EU's efforts to develop a sustainable, low carbon, resource efficient and competitive economy.‘

In January 2018, the Commission adopted a new set of measures, the 2018 Circular Economy Package. Also in January 2018, the Circularity Gap Report states: “Our world economy is only 9.1% circular, leaving a massive ‘Circularity Gap’.” [Source]

thinkstep has partnered with thinking circular and EPEA to provide you with the best tools and services to understand, measure and improve the circularity readiness of your products and organization.

The Cradle to Cradle Screener allows you to assess the material health and material reutilization potential, as well as the C2C product certification feasibility, through a web based application.


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Cradle to Cradle Screener - Key Features

Define your product

Define your product by simply uploading your product structure with materials and constituents defined.

Discover the circularity status

Understand which substances create issues for the circularity of your product, following the Cradle to Cradle design methodology, and understand the feasibility for C2C product certification.

Report on your C2C status

Derive product improvement reports or issue compliance report with the C2C Certified Product Standard Banned list of Chemicals.

Leverage Cloud Technology

Consume as a cloud service or through local deployment, use through mobile devices or on your desktop. The user interface is intuitive and clean.

Cradle to Cradle Screener - Benefits to Your Business

Save Costs

Save costs with this cost-effective Circular Economy readiness tool following the C2C design methodology.

Combine Design for Circularity with DfE

Combine Design for Circularity with Design for Environment (DfE) following the Life Cycle Assessment methodology.

Identify hot spots

Identify hot spots in materials, products and the entire product portfolio

Get introduced into the C2C design philisophy

Get introduced into the pro-active looking C2C design philisophy "doing good is better than doing less bad"

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