Product Compliance Risk Screener

Product Compliance Risk Screener

Avoid Restricted Substances in Products

All manufacturers, importers and distributors of products for the European market need to take measures to avoid restricted substances in products (REACH Article 67)

They furthermore have the duty to communicate information on substances of very high concern (REACH Article 33). Therefore it is essential to avoid already early in the product lifecycle the use of materials with a high probability of non compliance.

Dekra and thinkstep jointly offer this solution to enable you to evaluate and efficiently minimize compliance risks of your products. Our application provides based on the materials composition statements about potential pollutants contained, their probability and typical concentrations for your products under development. You simply need to upload a Bill of Materials covering the Components and Materials of your product or you define the material composition of your product interactively.

This application enables you to manage your compliance risks early and effectively and to prioritize your measures accordingly. On request the DEKRA experts help you to define the material composition of your products or to interpret and effectively minimize the compliance risks.

Product Compliance Risk Screener

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Key Features

Define your product

Define your product interactively from a material catalog provided or simply upload your product structure with materials defined.

Discover your risk exposure

Analyze the materials or the product structure against the always actualized REACH SVCH lists and get a differentiated view on hot spots and areas of concern in your product.

Report on your compliance status

Derive product improvement reports or issue declarations according to REACH Article 33.

Leverage Cloud Technology

Consume as a cloud service or through local deployment, use through mobile devices or on your desktop. The user interface is intuitive and clean.

Benefits to Your Business

Manage Risks

Manage risks with this cost-effective risk management tool.

Combine DfC and DfE

Combine Design for Compliance with Design for Environment.

Identify Hot Spots

Identify hot spots in materials, products and the entire product portfolio.

Get supply chain independent information

Get supply chain independent information about pollutants in products.

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