SoFi Software

SoFi Software

The SoFi 7 Release combines scalability, usability and cloud deployment features with the well-known simplified reporting, risk management, audits, strategy and resource optimization technologies for your whole organization.

SoFi Software enables transparent performance management by simplifying and streamlining organizational sustainability and EHS. World-class data collection and reporting technology, powerful analytics for big datasets and a modern, intuitive user experience make SoFi Software the ideal choice for large, complex organizations. SoFi Software seamlessly integrates with existing IT systems, covering a broad range of functions.

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SoFi will support you throughout the entire process of succeeding sustainably as a company, including:

Reporting & Compliance

1. Org. Landscape

Set up a model of your organization and build an information landscape.

2. Data Acquisition & Aggregation

Collect data from different organizational sites and aggregate it.

3. Visualization

Slice and dice information such as you have never done before. 

4. Reporting

Report externally (e.g., to CDP, GRI, DJSI, GRESB) in an automated way.

Performance Improvement

5. Diagnosis

Identify weak spots and learn about their background.

6. Strategizing

Set targets and lay the groundwork to reach them.

7. Taking Action

Define concrete actions and analyze their impacts.

8. Monitoring

Keep an eye on your process and steer your company toward its targets.

More than 200 clients worldwide rely on SoFi Software


Key Applications

Sustainability & CSR Management

Automated data collection, powerful reporting tools, and advanced planning features make disclosure and performance management efficient, accurate, and simple.

Energy & Carbon Management

Monitor and optimize energy use across your entire organisation with SoFi Software. We make it simple to take charge of energy consumption across your organisation.

Building Portfolio Management

Fulfil investor demands and increase the value of your real estate portfolio with a scalable approach to sustainability.

EH&S Management

Collect and analyze all relevant data in one place to efficiently reduce risks and improve EH&S operations.

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