GaBi Syndication Server

Centralise workflows and information in a fully transparent system to achieve the greatest efficiency and reduce risks as well as costs.

GaBi Syndication Server

By providing central database management, quality assurance workflows and user rights management, the GaBi Syndication Server dramatically improves results and team performance.

GaBi Syndication Server supports LCA collaboration and is ideal for organisations with two or more LCA practitioners.

User rights management allows you to quickly and easily assign the right level of access to the right people. Your team can work in parallel or sequentially on the same LCA model, accelerating the modelling process. In addition, supplier data can be integrated centrally, giving you access to new data faster.

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Key Features

Centralise data, standards and workflows

The GaBi server provides one standard database to ensure that everyone works with the same data. Modelling standards and approval workflows further enhance the overall quality of results. 

Save time and costs

Access all LCA models in one library to avoid duplicate effort, ensuring greater consistency and quality control. Centralized management of updates and upgrades saves time and administration costs while reducing complexity.

Manage risks better

Object histories track previous model versions, allowing you to quickly find and analyse the trail of changes made if work gets off track. Automatic, policy-driven backups continually protect your work.

Improve accountability

Clear workflow management makes approval processes transparent, saving time and effort while reducing complexity. Review workflows which validate the integrity of your results and the consistency of your decisions.

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