Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with GaBi Software

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with GaBi Software

Whether you are an LCA practitioner, product designer, or sustainability executive, our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software gives you the level of critical sustainability intelligence you need to make an impact on sustainability targets and the bottom.

GaBi ts

Get the product sustainability software 10,000+ users worldwide rely on for their most important decisions regarding energy use, responsible sourcing, and environmental impact. 

GaBi Circularity Toolkit

Calculate the MCI of your products directly in GaBi.

GaBi Packaging Calculator

Identify the most sustainable design for your packaging.

GaBi DfX

Quickly and easily ensure the end-of-life impact of your products meets all standards with our analysis and automation tools.

GaBi Envision

Take the complexity out of LCA modelling to increase quality and reduce time to market for sustainable products. 

GaBi Server

Centralise workflows and information in a fully transparent system to achieve the greatest efficiency and reduce risks as well as costs.

GaBi for Universities

Thousands of university students, PhD candidates and professors use GaBi software and data.

GaBi Support

Useful links and documentation for GaBi users

GaBi Packaging Calculator+

Learn more about the GaBi Packaging Calculator+.

Clients About our Life Cycle Assessment Solutions

TÜV Rheinland
As a global sustainability and LCA service provider, GaBi Software and databases help us to assess the environmental impacts of a product throughout its entire life cycle. On that basis, we can achieve product and process optimization for several industries.

Susanne Jorre , Sustainability Expert, TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH

Kimberly-Clark was looking for a software tool to enable 'LCA for everyone' that avoided the need to hire new staff or train existing staff on how to model a product. GaBi Reader has allowed our product developers to see the environmental impacts of a proposed modification in less than 15 minutes. It has been the perfect tool for moving LCA into the product development community.

David V. Spitzley , Kimberly-Clark

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