GaBi DfX

GaBi DfX

Act on to the Requirements of Directives

GaBi DfX is the professional software for compliance and sustainable product development with a view to the end of life phase.

If you want to consider different regulations during product design, such as the EU Directives for end-of-life vehicles, for waste electrical and electronic equipment, energy using products or for the restriction of hazardous substances and at the same time want to keep the environmental performance  of your product in focus - then GaBi DfX is your tool. Of course GaBi DfX is compatible with GaBi LCA models.

With GaBi DfX you can…

  • act on to the requirements of directives, laws and clients
  • ensure your enterprise's cost effectiveness
  • use one, transparent product model for all life cycle considerations
  • economically manage product-relevant data and models with a single tool

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Selected Key Features

Connection Diagram

Visualisation of the order of disassembly

Demonstration of information on the joining technologies used

Display of the material flows according to the Sankey-Diagramm

Disassembling Report

Logging of the defined disassemblies in the end-of-life model

Reporting of the disassembly order

Display of material flows and the respective recycling method

ISO Rates

The ISO rates are created automatically by GaBi DfX based on the information given in the product model

Verification of the required rate calculation according to the EU ELV directive

Implementation of additional forms on demand possible

Product Model

Concise and transparent display of parts and components

Visualisation of the material composition of the product or component

Enumerating of the materials and traceability of individual components

Tracing of hazardous materials / illegal substances

Your Benefits

Automated import of your bills of materials

Huge reductions in the time and manpower needed for LCAs of complex products

Standard import files are supported (.txt or .csv)

Customizability of import interfaces

Visualization of bills of materials in a transparent product model

Adoption of structure and product hierarchy of your bill of materials

Automatic allocation of materials and manufactoring processes to GaBi datasets

Tracing of hazardous materials and illegal substances

Check for conformity with various directives and regulations

EU Directive on End-of-Life Vehicles (2000/53/EC)

Road vehicles recyclability and recoverability (ISO 22628)

Japan Automotive Shredder Residue ASR

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