Identify the most sustainable design for your packaging

GaBi Packaging Calculator -
Sustainable Packaging Design

Identify the most sustainable design for your packaging

To meet the growing demand for more environmentally friendly packaging, you need a tool that provides you with a basis for making strategic decisions, such as the GaBi Packaging Calculator.

What is the GaBi Packaging Calculator?

The GaBi Packaging Calculator is an LCA calculator specially designed for packaging. The web-based configuration tool allows you to create life cycle assessments and to simulate alternative packaging designs.

  • Create life cycle assessments of your packaging and compare them with alternative designs, even as a non-expert.
  • Get comprehensive and accurate results on the environmental impact of each alternative.
  • Calculate the MCI* of your packaging at the same time, without having to use another tool.
  • Communicate your results through automatically generated reports.

More about the GaBi Packaging Calculator

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