GaBi Packaging Calculator

GaBi Packaging Calculator

Identify the Most Sustainable Packaging Design

To meet the growing demand for more environmentally friendly packaging, you need a tool that provides you with a basis for making strategic decisions, such as the GaBi Packaging Calculator.

The GaBi Packaging Calculator is an LCA calculator specially designed for packaging. The web-based configuration tool based on GaBi Envision allows you to create life cycle assessments and to simulate alternative packaging designs.

At the heart of the tool is a fully parameterized LCA model that traces then entire packaging product lifecycle. It contains dozens of GaBi datasets on materials and manufacturing processes that play a role in the production of packaging. It provides science-based information that allows you to identify the most sustainable packaging and measure the level of circularity based on the Material Circularity Indicator (MCI)*.

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Key Features

Get Started with no LCA Expertise

Create life cycle assessments of your packaging and compare them with alternative designs, even as a non-expert.

Detemine the Environmental Impact

Get comprehensive and accurate results on the environmental impact of each alternative.

Simplify your Process

Calculate the Material Circularity Indicator (MCI) of your packaging at the same time, without having to use another software.

Communicate your Results

Communicate your results through automatically generated reports.

Is the GaBi Packaging Calculator for You?

  • Does packaging play a role in your company?
  • Would you like to receive quantified information about the environmental impact of your packaging designs?
  • Would you like the opportunity to simulate the viability of your products in addition to creating life cycle assessments?
  • Would you like to simulate how your current processes and materials compare to alternatives?
  • Want reports about your results at the touch of a button?

Do you want to do all this with a single tool that is easy to use even for non-experts? The GaBi Packaging Calculator provides you information and the tools you need to make sound decisions in your sustainable packaging design at an excellent price-performance ratio.

FAQ about the GaBi Packaging Calculator

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