GaBi Packaging CalculatoR+

GaBi Packaging CalculatoR+

The new configuration tool for sustainable packaging design from Sphera and Interseroh

To meet the growing demand for more environmentally friendly packaging, you need a tool that provides you with a basis for making strategic decisions, such as the GaBi Packaging CalculatoR+ from Sphera and Interseroh.

The new GaBi Packaging CalculatoR+ is an LCA calculator specially designed for packaging. The web-based configuration tool enables the creation of life cycle assessments and the simulation of alternative packaging designs and provides you with information about the recyclability of your packaging.

At the heart of the tool is a fully parameterized LCA model that traces then entire packaging product lifecycle. It contains dozens of GaBi data sets on materials and manufacturing processes that play a role in the production of packaging as well as recycling data from Interseroh. It is suitable for all companies that place packaging on the market in Germany and comply with the German Packaging Act.

GaBi Packaging Calculator

  • Software Model: Web-based configuration tool based on GaBi Envision
  • Licensing model: Subscription, named seat
  • Minimum term: 1 year

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Key Features GaBi Packaging CalculatoR+

Start even with no life cycle assessment experience

Calculate life cycle assessments of your packaging and compare alternative packaging designs - even as a non-expert.

Determine environmental impacts

Get informed results about the environmental impact of each design alternative.

Determine recyclability

Calculate the recyclability and circularity of your packaging with the data from Interseroh - without having to use an additional tool!

Communicate your results

Communicate your results through automatically generated reports.

Is the GaBi Packaging CalculatoR+ for You?

  • Do packaging play a role in your company?
  • Would you like to receive quantified information about the environmental impact of your packaging design?
  • Would you like to have the opportunity to map the circularity of your products at the same time as creating life cycle assessments?
  • Would you like to simulate how your current processes and materials compare to alternatives?
  • Would you like to generate reports on your results at the push of a button?

Would you like to do all of this with a single tool that is easy to use even for non-experts? GaBi Packaging CalculatoR + provides you with the decision-making basis for your sustainable packaging design - at an excellent price-performance ratio.

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