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GaBi ts

GaBi ts is the world’s leading expert decision support Life Cycle Assessment software for product sustainability.

The applications for GaBi Software are numerous. Use Life Cycle Assessment to design products for low environmental impact, improve efficiency, or develop profiles of your carbon, water, and product environmental footprints. Create verified reports such as Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for use in sales and marketing and to improve supply chain sustainability.

GaBi provides answers to your most pressing product sustainability questions including:

  • How can we develop a sustainable product portfolio to build competitive advantage and increase revenues?
  • How can we differentiate our products with verifiable sustainability credentials to drive customer preference?
  • How can we identify supply-chain hotspots including materials and processes of concern to mitigate risk?

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Key Features

Data Collection and Data Management

GaBi ts Software helps you simplify your data collection and management! For transferring your data into GaBi you can use the Data Exchange tools.


GaBi ts is a flexible, modular software with a drag-and-drop feature so modeling is easy. Use the GaBi Plan editor to create models based on the processes in your production chain.

Results, Interpretation and Reporting

GaBi ts provides the complete Life Cycle Inventory of your products. All material and energy consumptions and emissions/wastes that occurred will be listed. Drill down to see the contributions from each of the processes across your product life cycle. Read more

What Our Clients Say

TÜV Rheinland
As a global sustainability and LCA service provider, GaBi Software and databases help us to assess the environmental impacts of a product throughout its entire life cycle. On that basis, we can achieve product and process optimization for several industries.

Susanne Jorre , Sustainability Expert, TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH

At Interface, Life Cycle Assessment is a critical tool for us to drive decision-making. thinkstep is very supportive, responsive and is a one stop shop for data needs.

Connie Hensler , Director of Corporate LCA Programs, Interface

Key Applications

Life Cycle Engineering

Make it easy to collaborate, gauge environmental impact, and optimise sustainability across your entire product portfolio.

Read more

Product Design & Innovation

Design more sustainable products and bring them to market faster with sustainability software tools that help you benchmark materials and collaborate more efficiently.

Read more

Product & Portfolio Reporting

Quickly move from identifying product sustainability hotspots to creating full product declarations — no LCA expertise required.

Read more

Benefits to Your Business

Most trusted solution

GaBi ts is the most used product sustainability solution by LCA practitioners in business. Over 10,000 users including over 45% of Fortune 100 companies, leading industry associations and SMEs rely on GaBi Software.

Always the best data

Only with GaBi ts Software you have the choice of databases: use GaBi Databases created by thinkstep, which always contain the most accurate industry data, or other commercial databases and regional content such as ecoinvent and U.S. LCIData-on-demand is our service for specialized LCA content in your industry.

Fast analysis and reporting

GaBi ts' visualization approach enables fast modelling, result analysis and reporting with the help of dashboards, embedded reporting and interactive scenario analysis.

Excellent support & services

thinkstep is well known for its excellent service. GaBi clients have a personal contact for technical, data and LCA modelling questions. Additionally, we have an extensive training programme for any level – no matter if you are a LCA newcomer or experts.

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