GaBi Server

GaBi Server

Collaboration With Multiple LCA Practitioners

GaBi Server supports LCA collaboration for organisations with two or more LCA practitioners.

GaBi Server supports LCA collaboration for organisations with two or more LCA practitioners. By providing a central database management, quality assurance workflows and user rights management, it improves general LCA quality and reduces time for data transfer and remodeling efforts. 

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GaBi Server - Collaboration LCA Software

Key Features

Improve LCA quality

Provide one standard database to ensure that everyone works with the same data.

Apply modelling standards and workflows, which enhances overall quality.

Integrate supplier data, centrally, easily and quickly.

Save time and reduce costs

Accelerated modelling – the team can work in parallel /serial on the same LCA model.

Model library - gives access to full range of existing LCA models to avoid duplicate effort.

Centralized management of updates and upgrades saving time, reducing complexity.

Reduce risks

Object histories – track back to previous model versions, saving time by allowing you to quickly find who changed what if work gets off track.

Regular automatic backups, driven by policies.

Improve accountability

Clear workflow management: saving time, effort and reducing complexity.

Change log for transparency of changes.

User rights management to quickly and easily assign the right level of access to the right people.

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