GaBi for Universities

GaBi for Universities

Use GaBi Software in Education

Thousands of university students, PhD candidates and professors use GaBi software and data.

thinkstep values the contributions that universities make to advancing sustainability. Academic research contributes a wealth of new insights through in-depth analysis of materials, product methods, LCA methodology and much more. 

Universities and teachers incorporate LCA and sustainability into their curriculum, and train future LCA and sustainability professionals in the use of LCA methodologies and state-of-the-art software.

GaBi Academy

GaBi Academy is the professional LCA software and data for students, PhD candidates and academic researchers for publicly funded LCA research. Use industry-level software and LCI data, at a very competitive price.

GaBi Education (free)

GaBi Education is a free version for students and professors for classroom instruction. Use industry-level LCA software and LCI data in your curriculum!


Read more about GaBi Software and LCA in the curriculum.

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