GaBi Academy

GaBi Academy

GaBi Academy for Academic Research

Hundreds of leading universities worldwide use GaBi Academy for their academic LCA research, relying on GaBi’s state-of-the-art modeling engine with latest industry LCI data and intuitive data collection and reporting tools.

GaBi Academy comprises the current version of our standard GaBi software and LCI databases, at a steeply discounted price (50% discount with substantial data discounts for additional licenses).

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How do I qualify?

GaBi Academy is for students, PhD candidates and academic researchers for publicly funded LCA research (industry funded projects require a standard GaBi license). 

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Let us help you configure the LCA software package best for your situation. Receive a quote, pricing information or discuss your specific requirements for configuring your university LCA software package.

What does it cost?

We offer a 50% discount on the standard list price, free maintenance for 4 years (excluding the ecoinvent database), with substantial discounts for additional database licenses.
We offer both perpetual and subscription license models, to meet your research and educational requirements and your budget.

Why choose GaBi Academy?

Most trusted solution

GaBi is the most trusted LCA software solution in Academia. Over the past 20 years, thousands of researchers and students from leading universities worldwide have relied on GaBi.

Largest LCI library available

Only with GaBi do you have the widest range of LCI databases: GaBi databases, ecoinvent and U.S. LCI.

Visualization and easy-to-use modelling approach

GaBi enables fast modelling, result analysis and reporting with the help of dashboards, embedded reporting and interactive scenario analysis.

Technical support & maintenance service

GaBi customers receive premium support by telephone and email. Our technical support team guarantees a fast and efficient response.

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