SoFi on Salesforce

SoFi on Salesforce

SoFi Software is Available on Salesforce

SoFi is a trusted software solution that accelerates corporate responsibility performance and is now also available on Salesforce.

The SoFi software platform for the Enterprise simplifies and streamlines organizational sustainability and EHS to enable transparent performance management. World-class data collection and reporting technology, powerful analytics for big datasets and a modern, intuitive user experience make SoFi Software the ideal choice for large and complex organizations.

We understand that every organization is unique and your needs will be specific to the way you conduct your business. Because of this, SoFi has been deliberately built on top of the market leading cloud development platform by Salesforce.

This means that the application we deliver is not only highly secure and scalable but also extremely flexible and can quickly be tuned to meet your exacting requirements.

sofi on salesforce


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More than 200 clients worldwide rely on SoFi Software

SoFi on Salesforce

Benefits of SoFi on Salesforce


Access SoFi on Salesforce from anywhere, at anytime through our intuitive mobile app.


Chatter capabilities make collaboration and sharing easier.


SoFi on Salesforce integrates with any app or device through API and connectors.


Boost performance and engage your team with the gamified app.

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Key Applications of SoFi Software

Sustainability Reporting & CSR Management

Automated data collection, powerful reporting tools, and advanced planning features make disclosure and performance management efficient, accurate, and simple.

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Energy & Carbon Management

Monitor and optimize energy use across your entire organisation with SoFi Software. We make it simple to take charge of energy consumption across your organisation.

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Building Portfolio Management

Fulfil investor demands and increase the value of your real estate portfolio with a scalable approach to sustainability.

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EH&S Management

Collect and analyze all relevant data in one place to efficiently reduce risks and improve EH&S operations.

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