Material Management

Material Management

Trends that matter - design and manage innovative products with the material in mind!

As global products across all industries become more alike in terms of design and performance, companies are crossing the next frontier of product innovation: material design and engineering.

Managing material data and integrating it with product design is critical to validating and optimizing the iterative development of complex products. Developing new materials and newer applications for existing materials to apply to product design is critical for stepping up the pace of innovation.
thinkstep’s Material Management is the leading system to manage your material data information and links the life cycle of your material with the lifecycle of your product. We transform your material data into true product intelligence.

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Key Applications

Author Material data

Formulate new materials, organize Laboratory tests and documentation, derive high quality material data for descrition and simulation and integrate material catalogs.

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Assign and Trace Material Data

Use your material data in the most common CAD and CAE Tools and trace the material assignments in your BOM structure.

High Data Quality by Material Catalogs

Benefit of standard material catalogs providing hand-selected holist environmental, foot printing, physical, mechanical and chemical material information.

Leverage Material Data for Simulation and Analysis

Export Material cards and leverage BOM  material dashboards for mass, sustainably and compliance analysis. Understand where critical or obsolete material are applied.

What Our Clients Say

With Substance Compliance and BOMcheck, we efficiently address our environmental compliance needs while improving our business processes to save time and money.

Astrid Buschel , Head of Environment, Health and Safety, WAGO

Integrated Material Management is the platform to standardize raw material processes across the enterprise and across business functions, to enable steering, transparency and information exchange for all material aspects.

Christine Krämer , Head of CIT-PLDL, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH

Benefits to Your Business

Reduce development time and costs

Reduce risks and costs while streamlining the development of your products. By standardizing the material information and harmonizing the material selection process, development time, material costs are saved.


Increase efficiency through integration

Increase efficiency with the quick and easy selection and use of materials PLM and various CAD and simulation tools.

Increase your product quality

By accessing reliable data, engineers can compare materials directly and assign the most appropriate material directly in the CAx systems.

Reduce error rework and time to market

Errors due to incorrect allocation of material parameters or selection of incorrect key figures are avoided by using a standard format. Iteration processes are prevented due to material adaptation.

What is Material Management?

The digitalization of the manufacturing industry with its “Digital Twin” is a worldwide leading topic. In this Digital Enterprise the handling of materials as a “Material Digital Twin” has a significant importance. 
Reliable and comprehensive material information across the whole material life cycle forms the foundation for the Digital Material twin.​

Material Management harmonizes raw material information in a central data backbone.  Hereby decentralized material silos are removed leading to a single definition of truth.

Effective Material management provides a way to seamlessly manage the lifecycle of materials “big data,” and help product companies avoid the costly consequences of getting it wrong or getting left behind. In the new world of material-driven product designs, material management reduces development costs by delivering immediate value, such as:

  • Enterprise-wide use of approved material information for mission-critical product functions, such as design, engineering, compliance and manufacturing
  • A gateway to critical material databases and online material catalogs
  • Reliable synchronization between products and associated materials

To handle material data is very complicated - therefore practical and affordable solutions are very important. 
By using thinkstep´s Integrated Material Management, materials can now be actively managed throughout the lifecycle, from material design to production.

We transform your material data into true product intelligence.

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