LCA Data

LCA Data

We offer over 12,500 plans and processes based on primary data collection during our global work with companies, associations and public bodies. These datasets have been developed from an underlying database of about 32,000 unit process data sets.

LCA Databases

Our global industrial GaBi LCA Databases represent the world’s network of industrial processes, including region and country-specific data for materials, energy, transport information and commodities consumption, as well as waste management.

LCA Data on Demand

If our comprehensive sector GaBi LCA Databases do not contain the needed specific data set, you can still get the data that fits your unique requirements quickly and easily to stay up to date, reduce risks, and maintain your competitive edge.

Scope 3 LCA Data

Calculate your Scope 3 emissions with the best data.

EF Database v2.0

The Environmental Footprint (EF) database is designed to support the implementation of Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF) studies.

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