Data on demand

Data on Demand

Are You Missing LCA Data?

As rapid changes in technology, legislation, and methods combine with developments in energy grid mixes, materials, processes, and substances, current sustainability data and agile software become your most important decision-making tools.

Data on Demand service allows you to complement the ready-to-use Global Industrial Process Database. If you are in the middle of an Life Cycle Assessment or Footprinting project and you can‘t find the right dataset in your database or in case you want to include a new material or process in your analysis and need specific data, our Data on Demand service is the right choice.

This data is then automatically maintained as part of our annual data upgrade. Our flexible, ever-evolving platform helps you anticipate and adapt to changes as you develop new products, enhance existing ones, and seek to enter new markets.

Your benefits

  • Get additional quality LCA data when you need it - fast & easy
  • Tap into more than 12,700 datasets in our master database and improve accuracy of your LCA results
  • Get expert support to define your requirements and answer any questions you may have
  • Compatible with your existing GaBi data and upgraded annually
  • ISO conform

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