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Benefit from handpicked material knowledge

There are dozens of material databases providers out there. So why shouldn’t you work with them?

Most material data providers on the market provide large catalogs with thousands of materials, but their material compositions are mostly theoretical, which means the data is not derived from real-world empirical information. 

Often the material properties in their catalogs are incomplete or not statistically assured, because material suppliers themselves often enter values in these databases without any consistency checks.

You (engineers, materials experts, Simulation specialists...) end up being overwhelmed by the amount of data and don’t have a way to identify the right data for your specific purpose / application.

The defined material properties (the data) are not provided in a format that downstream consumers (and their tools) can use.

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Standard and Company Tailored Material Catalogs

Watch our webinar about Standard and Company Tailored Material Catalogs.


The Answer – Handpicked Material Knowledge

MatSphere is a material catalog of industries’ “Most Wanted” materials. The most important metals and polymers are consolidated in a single catalog with reliable physical, environmental and substance information. Leveraging material standards maximize the quality and accuracy of your products via standardized material catalogs and material databases.

Using a holistic approach, you can design innovative and sustainable products based on your comprehensive material information. Due to standardized material information, meaning one consolidated database, you get hand-picked knowledge that is not redundant, assuring secured quality data. 

Get used to material standards and benefit from material intelligence through our material data gold source!

We offer:

  • Material foundation for the digital material twin
  • A holistic and consolidated material catalog
  • Handpicked and consolidated material knowledge from leading reference sources like MMPDS, StahlDat SX, GaBi Content, Dekra 
  • Consolidation of industry standards
  • Migration and mapping of legacy data
  • Maintenance of material data
  • Material on demand
  • Assured support for downstream CAD/FEA solutions

MatSphere contains:

  • Physical, thermal, electrical, optical and mechanical properties
  • Processability, tribology and media influence properties
  • Norms and standards
  • Substance, compliance and risk information
  • Environmental footprint

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